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Dickey Farms Sales

Our boxes of fresh, delicious Georgia peaches are the perfect gift for family, friends, customers, or business associates. Each individual peach is hand-selected for top quality and ripeness, and will arrive in an attractive, durable box made especially for shipping this delicate fruit. From mid-June to August, you can send anyone in the U.S. our healthy, delicious, mouthwatering peaches. Click here to shop for the sweetest peaches in the south!

Wholesale Information

Since 2011 Dickey Farms’ peaches have been sold by Duke Lane, III, Vice President of Lane Packing. While both growers continue to grow and market their peaches under their own private labels, the sales partnership has allowed them to bring more presence to the marketplace. Because of the demand for Georgia peaches this marketing effort has provided more volume and a consistent supply of premium peaches to the marketplace.

Duke Lane III can be reached at 866-732-2401.

Dickey Farms PACA license # is 920076, Blue Book #114383.

Lane Packing Blue Book #192260

Small, local markets

Packed in #25 boxes, our number two grade is the best value.To accommodate your schedule call our packinghouse in Musella, Georgia. We are open seven days a week from the middle of May until the second week of August. Robert Dickey will handle these sales at 478-836-3136.


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